Drifting slightly above the frantic clamor of L.A.’s diverse and chaotic independent music scene, “The Dahls” – (twin sisters Melinda and Caitlin) – have crafted a unique and transcendent flight path of their own design. And after a busy and successful year, the two Canadian songbirds have once again touched down in the recording studio with Emily Isacson, Omar Velasco and Ryan Carman to create a new EP, “Wake Up West”, on the heels of last year’s popular first release, “Midnight Picnic”. In between recording projects, the Dahls have seen their music included in television shows, such as “Bones”, “Ringer” and “Family Guy”, as well as the feature film “Dumb and Dumber To”, which also included the Dahls single “Periwinkle Sky” on its soundtrack album. The Dahls also enjoyed their first extended tour, which featured successful stops in Nashville, New York and their hometown of Toronto. Now back from the road, the Dahls have crafted five new songs for “Wake Up West” – which showcases yet another shade of the diverse musical, lyrical, and soulful wellspring that has always defined not only their music, but also the Dahls themselves. “Wake Up West” represents a new chapter, and yet another exciting stop for the Dahls as they continue to soar along on their rich, varied and wonderful journey.