In the wake of a global pandemic and persevering through what has been a trying time for artists everywhere, “The Dahls” – twin sisters, Caitlin and Melinda – have emerged with a new and exciting body of work – as well as great news for their loyal and legendary fans. The popular Canadian songbirds are pleased and excited to announce that they have recently signed to major record label, BMG, a move that will soon bring “The Dahls” and their music to an even larger global audience.

The signing has ignited “The Dahls” into a well-spring of creative activity, song-writing and new musical projects – most notably their fourth studio album, “Echoing Voices” which was recently recorded in Los Angeles with long-time colleague and Producer Omar Velasco. On the heels of that new release, “The Dahls” have also beautifully crafted a series of re-imagined cover songs with BMG Producer Justin Knox. And in a truly innovative and exciting new direction, “The Dahls” have also teamed up with Knox to record an evocative and soulful, cinematic folk EP under the moniker, “Stone River Rebellion”. Blending Caitlin and Melinda’s elegant, beautiful and pitch-perfect harmonies with the intensity of Knox’s heart-felt folk and country rock grittiness, “Stone River Rebellion” has produced an honest and riveting sampling of songs that are woven together into an engaging and mesmerizing tapestry of musical

Collectively, these projects present an exciting new chapter for “The Dahls” as their journey
and their musical story continues to unfold. And with the support and promotion of their new
label, BMG, “The Dahls” – and their fans – are eagerly looking forward to new adventures and
successes as their unique and exhilarating music continues to take them on the long and wide-
open road that lies ahead.